As a mother of three wonderful daughters, there is nothing more I love than hanging out with them in the kitchen, cooking their favorite foods, and at times having a glass of wine over funny stories.  When I design homes for my clients, I know how important the kitchen is for family gatherings and everyday life!  

I take into consideration the way my clients live and how they want to use this space that is frequently called “The Heart of The Home”.  There is always lots of seating whether at the island or the kitchen table.  If for a big family, or when the kitchen is used for entertaining big crowds. Some of my favorite dinner parties take place in the kitchen.

I adore showcasing platters from client’s favorite collections. Banquet seating with kid friendly faux leather lasts forever.  Myrtle trees are my favorite indoor plants and work so well in the kitchen.  They are always in my clients homes and mine too! 

These Peter Dunham fabric shaded pendants make this kitchen so inviting. I prefer kitchens to feel more like living spaces than totally utilitarian. This particular kitchen gets used all the time as the client is an incredible cook and loves to entertain.  It’s a coveted invite I could never turn down! 

An image from my home we built in Los Angeles.  This was one of my favorite kitchens to cook and spend time with my loved ones.  The pot rack is from Howard Kaplan in NYC.  My husband and I flew to NYC twice for this pot rack as the store was closed on the day we first went to buy it!  Oh well, we had a great time in NYC twice in two weeks!  The pot rack really showcased my love of collecting copper cookware. 

There are too many things to say about this kitchen. The lighting, the cabinetry, the thick marble and the color of the island plus great seating make this kitchen located on the water with incredible views of Long Island Sound.

The matching fabric on the lamp and curtains is le Gracieux.  Our clients spend a lot of time at this breakfast table and who can blame them when you have beautiful views . 

Sometimes its all about being creative and giving a young family a way to spend time with Mom while she is cooking. This custom banquette survived with two cute twin boys and a baby daughter.  

Creative lighting can give a kitchen a spark and  personality.  Again we used thick Calcutta marble for this real cooks kitchen.  

Working outside of my comfort zone of all white kitchens but this time it really did work when my clients asked for a provencal looking kitchen. It’s one of my favorites.  The fabric on the lamps is from Carlton V and the lamps are from Mulligans in Los Angeles.