One of the things I love are the people who have inspired me in my life as well with my professional interior design business.  The first person in a series of inspirational people has to be Carolyne Roehm.  The 90’s were for me, spent marrying my husband (20 years this past week!), raising our children, building our dream home in Los Angeles and entertaining our family and friends.  Carolyne Roehm’s style which includes her homes, gardens, her beloved puppies and her love of entertaining has always been in sync with my own personal style.  It’s amazing that she has 12 books, including the fabulous new book Carolyne Roehm at Home in the Garden. Each book exceeds high expectations as one wonders how she does it so flawlessly. 

 It started with A Passion for Flowers in 1997 which my husband and I modeled our garden that was featured on the Los Angeles Botanical Garden Tour in 2001.  I can still remember to this day the joy that the English and French roses we planted in our garden gave us, both outdoors and as a backdrop to an al fresco dinner or cut and placed fragrantly around our home. Her seasonal notebooks served as an inspiration for when we moved to Connecticut.  Perfection is a tricky word in the design world, yet Carolyne Roehm designs everything in her life where everyone can agree it really is perfect and couldn’t be any better.  Turning each page in her books or website post is a inspirational feast.  I think what I love most is that all of her properties and certainly her estate, Weatherstone, are not only iconic but they provide inspiration to all of us to understand that the homes and gardens we create should be lived in, attended to, well-loved and celebrated.  

From her first book in 1997…